I LOVE this tool.  It saves me so much time with food prep.  You still need to cut the veggies so they fit in the blade area, but you don’t need to take the time to cut the veggies in little pieces.  The tool comes with 2 blades, and I like how the food pieces come out in the same size.  I also like that when you mix everything together, you get more of each individual vegetable in your serving.  I do have a couple tips – slice the whole potato or yam or thicker veggie in half, then slice pieces.  Sometimes if the potato is too thick it stops the lid from making a complete cut, I’ve gotten potatoes stuck before :-/  

I found this tool especially useful during this pandemic.  I still want to enjoy fresh veggies but I haven’t been going to the store as often as I normally would.  So I have been buying more than usual, but I know they won’t stay fresh in the fridge for an extended period of time.  So I’ve been using this chopper to dice up tomatoes, onions, and peppers (separately), and put about a cup of each in resealable bags.  I stack the bags in my freezer, and when I need some veggies to cook I just take a bag from the freezer and toss them in the recipe I make.  Freezer burn isn’t an issue, as I use these veggies so often, they never stay in the freezer long.  One thing to keep in mind, don’t defrost the veggies!  They will get slimy and soft, and they won’t have the same freshness.  This is another one of those situations where it takes time to do the prepping for this, but when you want to make something and you don’t have a lot of time, you will be grateful you have these veggies ready!

The chopper comes with a little cleaning tool to help get extra veggies that may have gotten stuck in between the tiny squares.  I clean it in the sink with the water running and find that it cleans easily.  I find mushrooms there the most since they are so sticky after they’ve been washed.  Whatever is left over in there I just add to the veggies I already chopped so I don’t waste any goods.  

Here is a link to the Vidalia Chop Wizard’s site: https://www.chopwizard.com/